Want to lose weight? Ditch the scales!

Lose more weight, consistently by ditching the scales

With so many people trying to lose weight and so much struggle, it seems like we’re all enslaved to being fat. But, that doesn’t have to be true. So,  I’ve been thinking about ways on how to stop people getting trapped in a vicious diet, binge cycle. It’s actually something I’ve been struggling with myself recently.

Anyway, I’ve figured out a great tip, just DITCH THE SCALES! Especially if you’re working out at the gym. This is because, if you’re working out and your relatively new to the gym, you could quite easily put on muscle and be burning fat but the scales just won’t budge. It’s terribly frustrating if you only focus on the scales – time to slow it down and keep it sustainable.

Don’t keep starting. Just lose weight!

Instead of focusing on the numbers on the scale, try to focus on how you look and feel instead. Consider the list below:

  • Feeling Slimmer
  • Feeling More Energetic
  • Feeling Happier
  • Feeling More Confident
  • Looking Slimmer
  • Clearer Complexion
  • Healthier Skin

If you feel like the below list then you’re doing something right, so keep at it! Remember, losing weight takes time. You’re going to have some ups and downs, but it’s better to stick to a plan 95% of the time than it is to fall off plan 100% of the time. Remember, while it takes time, every good choice you make is leading to a happier you!

I hope today’s blog post has helped you in some way. For more advice, look at my other health and fitness blogs.

If you would like to get some more direct advice or would like to enquire about personal training, send me a tweet at @CalvinWPT or reach me on Facebook.

From your local Online Coach and Personal Trainer in Stockport, Manchester. You can do this and good luck!

Calvin W PT
Personal Trainer & Online Coach

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