Feeling Tired

When to take a rest day

It’s important for us all to take a break every now and again, to rest and recharge our batteries. Do you ever get home after a busy day at work and think “I’m dreading the gym tonight but I need to go”. So you go to the gym and you come home even more deflated […]

Bulk up without a gym membership

Building muscle without a gym membership

Building muscle without a gym membership can be a little bit of a challenge, but it certainly isn’t impossible. In fact, it can be better for your health! Gyms can be costly and the budget gyms are exactly that – budget! I for one, like to work out when it’s nice and quiet so I […]

Get more confidence in the gym

Increase your gym confidence

Feel uncomfortable in the gym because you don’t really feel like you know what to do? Maybe you’ve been away from the gym for a little break and you feel out of the motions? Whatever your¬†reason for being afraid of the gym, I’ve got a few tips to help you get into the swing of […]

What is health?

Health is the state of complete wellbeing, free from illness and injury. But, not just physically, it can be mentally and socially too! Although many people believe good health to be free from illness, good health comes from all aspects of your life. I want to explain why. Let’s imagine that the 3 aspects of […]

Lose more weight, consistently by ditching the scales

Want to lose weight? Ditch the scales!

With so many people trying to lose weight and so much struggle, it seems like we’re all enslaved to being fat. But, that doesn’t have to be true. So,¬† I’ve been thinking about ways on how to stop people getting trapped in a vicious diet, binge cycle. It’s actually something I’ve been struggling with myself […]

Smoking is bad for your health & fitness

Smoking and Fitness

It’s no secret that smoking is harmful to your health and your fitness. But not many people actually know just how much smoking can affect your fitness. It might surprise you to know (or it may not). I used to smoke. Although, I decided to quit back in 2014. I’m not suggesting that quitting smoking […]