Smoking and Fitness

Smoking is bad for your health & fitness

It’s no secret that smoking is harmful to your health and your fitness. But not many people actually know just how much smoking can affect your fitness.

It might surprise you to know (or it may not). I used to smoke. Although, I decided to quit back in 2014. I’m not suggesting that quitting smoking is easy – I know that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I had my struggles quitting, just like everybody else.

If you’ve had a personal trainer and you’ve been caught smoking outside the gym, and wonder why they start telling you off when you come inside. It’s because they know it’s going to harm your progress for many different reasons.

Smoking, fitness and lungs

When you’re training, you need to treat your body like a high performance vehicle. Your body needs to transport nutrients and minerals to the cells that need them the most to keep them fighting fit. When you smoke, your lungs get covered in tar and chemicals, which decreases the amount of oxygen which can enter the bloodstream.

That’s a bit like limiting the amount of oxygen a car can take on board – if you didn’t know, oxygen feeds the mini explosions inside an engine to produce power.

Your body works in a similar to a car, except, each cell has it’s own engine and with a limited oxygen supply, it’s going to struggle to produce energy.

Smoking, fitness and blood

Your body then takes the nicotine and carbon monoxide from the smoke which makes your blood ‘sticky’ and your arteries become narrow which limits the amount of oxygen in your blood.

Your muscles need oxygen to be able to function well and recover from exercise. This in turn has an affect on your fitness levels. For example, without smoking you might be able to run 30 minutes without stopping. However, with a limited oxygen supply caused by smoking. You would only be able to run 15 minutes before having to stop.

I hope today’s blog post has helped you in some way. For more advice, look at my other health and fitness blogs.

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