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Running is great, but like every sport, we always want to be better. I want to explain a few little tactics which can be used to help you increase your speed and improve your run times.

We need to know what level your currently working at. That means, going for a run and recording how fast you can run your desired distance – let’s call it 5km in 33:00 minutes.

Let’s say, you want to improve this by 3 minutes, bringing it to a round 30 minute 5km run time. Here are 3 things you can do to improve your time.

  • Interval Training¬†– Jog for 10 minutes to warm up. Follow this with 8-10 rounds of 1 minute of fast running (example – 12km/h) and 1 minute of light running (example – 8km/h). Finish up with 10 final minutes of jogging to cool-down.
  • Sprints – Sprinting is fairly simple, although it can be difficult. Simply set yourself a small distance (50-200m) and sprint that distance one way and then walk back. Repeat this 10 times. (Don’t forget to warm-up and cool-down!)
  • Distance Running – If you run 5km in 33 minutes, you run at 6:40 per km. Try running 6km at 6:50 per km. Then, as you improve, try increasing the distance up to 7km and then 8km. This may seem counterintuitive, but, it is vital for increasing your endurance levels and improving your speed.

Try incorporating the training methods above into your running routine for 4 weeks to try and improve. Oh, and don’t forget to let me know if these methods helped in the comments below!

I hope today’s blog post has helped you in some way. For more advice, look at my other health and fitness blogs.

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