How to stay motivated during your diet

A typical uninspiring diet meal for fat loss

Stay motivated for your fat loss diet!

So, you’ve been going on with your diet for some time now and your struggling to keep motivated and discipline is starting to slip.

In this article, I want to quickly discuss a couple of ideas which could help keep you on track so you can keep losing weight progressively until you reach your end goals. Let’s dig in to a few and find out why they are great ideas to help keep you motivated.

Progress Photo’s

If you’re not doing this already, start right now! It’s one of the most effective ways of staying motivated when you’re tempted to veer off course. This is especially true if you’re lifting weights, building muscle and losing fat. For example, I will often weigh myself and I won’t see much of a change on the scales, 1-2kg per month but when I take my progress photo’s I can see a huge difference in definition.

When taking progress photo’s it’s important to always take the photo’s in the same room with the same lighting conditions. If you fail to do this, you might find yourself taking photo’s and not seeing results’ purely because of lighting conditions – not a wise idea. Secondly, you need to take the photo from 3 different angles. Head on, side on and from the back. Again, Try to ensure these are all done in the same location if possible.

This is a bad example of a progress photo due to the different lighting conditions but as you can see, it still serves a purpose.

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Previous Success

Next, you might find it helpful in your weight loss journey to think about previous successes. I personally like to keep a note of all my weight loss success and failures in 2 different notes on my phone – it gives me a centralised location where I can find all the things i need to strive for (in my successes) and the things I need to steer clear of when in the future.

Your previous successes are a powerful tool which can help spark your ambitions back into action.

Enjoy your food

We all know that when your dieting for weight loss, that means less of the ‘tasty’ food and more of the less than desired foods. Have you ever found yourself staring at that plate of chicken and vegetables thinking ‘what’s the point, where’s the joy’?

Let me ask you something, when was your last cheat meal? If you’re answer is anything past 2 weeks ago, chances are you’re being too hard on yourself. I actually invite you to have a cheat meal either tonight, or tomorrow evening if you’ve already had you evening meal.

I’d also like to remind you that many home cooked meals have much fewer calories than take-out meals so long as you cook them responsibly. That means, you can probably add some of your favourite meals to your plan to make your diet more enjoyable.

Exercise More

Last but not least, it is well worth exercising if you don’t currently have an exercise plan. There are 3 key reasons for this:

  • Exercise is a great way of keeping yourself busy so that you are less tempted eat whilst bored at home
  • When you work hard for something, you’re more likely to look back at the amount of work you have put into it and you’ll feel guilty if you ever let it slip.
  • Exercising when you’re trying to lose weight is going to help you burn fat faster and give you the dream body you’ve been longing after for so long.

That’s all for today’s article. I hope you can use these 4 tips to keep motivated and disciplined in your weight loss journey. If you currently use these, let me know how they help you in the comments below!

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