About Calvin

Hi, I’m Calvin and I’m the founder of Achievable Fitness. I’ve been training for over 7 years and I’ve read article after article of BS. I finally got fed up with spinning my wheels – not really going anywhere and I decided it was high time I changed my approach to training.

I embarked on my journey to become a better version of myself by gaining a qualification in Personal Training and Gym Instruction. Now, my quest for knowledge has left me wanting to better others too.

Having previously struggled with weight loss myself, I know where the pitfalls and shortcomings are with these ‘fad diets’. I’m also keen on improving my own physique too and I invest a lot of time studying nutrition and the digestive system in helping me reach peak performance.

With all of this knowledge; I know I can help you achieve your goals.

Our services

1-1 Personal Training

If you find it difficult to hold yourself accountable or you need the correct guidance to be able to achieve your goals, I'm here to help. Using my knowledge and expertise, we can help you achieve your goals.

Nutritional Guidance

You may have heard 20% exercise and 80% diet before. Diet is a major component when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. Imagine your body like a car. You need to put in the right fuel and the right amount otherwise you won't reach your destination.

Group Training

Don't like the thought of training alone or simply want to save some money? Group training can help cut costs whilst allowing you to still strive towards those targets with a friend.

Goal Setting

The absolute key to achieving any fitness goal is by first setting realistic and achievable goals.

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